Our April box presented me with a big challenge! How would I blend cherishing memories of our long awaited babes, as well as the resurrection of our Lord? Whew! 

As we all know, this month is the month to remember Easter, or more specifically, the ultimate sacrifice given for you and me. So as we wait this month, I'd love for you to reflect on what a huge gift we've been given already. The gift of all gifts. The gift of Jesus Christ. 

As Luke 22:19 states, "And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, 'This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.'"

Without further delay, here is the "why" behind this box of reflection. :)

My Family My Journey: A baby book for adoptive families. As one of the most unique and special things we were given during our wait, I wanted to be sure every one of my ladies got one of these. It can be a challenge to find things that fit the make up of a non-traditional family. There are baby books E V E R Y WHERE, but to have one JUST for your baby and your unique circumstance is so special. I hope you love this and fill it with lots of memories to cherish and reflect on for years. 

Watercolor print by The Daily Grace Co. This gorgeous 8x10 watercolor print will make a great addition to your Easter decor year after year. Another way to remember why we celebrate Easter and reflect upon the One who makes all things possible.

White Clay facial mask by Sugar + Chic Apothecarie. What better way to reflect fresh, baby soft skin than with an all-natural clay mask? This particular blend of hers is mild and great for ALL skin types! Made with a careful blend of Kaolin Clay and Diatomaceous Earth (fossilized diatoms) to calm skin, remove impurities, stimulate circulation, and remove dead skin cells to expose fresh, radiant skin without soaking up your natural oils. Our lovely maker, Jennifer, uses it daily and has fabulous results! Check out her other swoon-worthy body care items at SCApothecarie on Etsy.

Hand Lettered Mirror Decal by Elizabeth Denniston Design. Some of you may already know her, but Libby Denniston has quickly become one of my favorite human beings! She is also a very talented designer! Her gorgeous calligraphy mirror decals were made to add a touch of truth and love to the reflection looking back from your mirror. They are a sweet reminder to be kind to the girl you see every day. <3 Find Libby's shop at LetterMyHeart on Etsy. 

~~~As always, please post pictures of your faves and tag us at @heartgrownbox #heartgrownbox for a chance at a special treat from me!~~~