An Attitude of Gratitude

Hello, sweet friends!

I hope you love the November box as much as I do! 

This box was all about gratitude and creating a soft space for reading,  cozy-ing, and practicing the art of being grateful. 

* This flannel tartan plaid scarf is from fooshfarm on Etsy. It is so, SO soft and winter white means it will go with most cute fall outfits this season. Bundle up, mama!  

* The lovely fall candle is brought to you by Beverly and 3rd on Etsy. This 9 oz. beauty combines notes of sweet amber, mandarin leaf, white cedar, raw cinnamon, rich cardamom, nutmeg shavings, sandalwood, and cashmere vanilla. Made with high quality fragrance and 100% soy wax. I have been enjoying the ambiance and smell of mine for days!

* The Little Book of Gratitude is a (purse-friendly, because it's small!)  guide for the art of gratitude, which has been scientifically shown to increase happiness and improve optimism in your life. This little book will give you techniques and even an 8 week plan to boost your gratitude, and therefore boost your overall outlook on life. Dr. Robert Emmons packs a lot into this tiny book. Reviewers have even called it "life changing." Why don't you give it a go and see what gratitude can do for you? 

* The 'The Root of Joy is Gratitude' print was made by one of my all-time favorite makers, whom I have partnered with before: MinMac on Etsy (or Mindy, which is her real name). She designed this print, which, hopefully, will add a festive and meaningful touch to your Fall decor. 

As always, please post pictures of your faves and tag us at @heartgrownbox for a chance at a special treat from me!