Study the Word

Hello, sweet friends!

I hope you love the October box as much as I do! 

I wanted to both celebrate the arrival of fall (and all things pumpkin, candy corn, treats and cooler weather!), but also leave you with a great source of encouragement and wisdom. I hope this box fit the bill for you! 

* Hello Pumpkin mug by Sweet Water Decor - Does this campfire mug really need much of an explanation? I'll likely be using mine indoors, but it makes me want to go camping and toast s'mores. And drink pumpkin spice lattes. And snuggle up near the campfire. fall nights. I can't wait!! What will you drink from yours?

* Hammond's old fashioned popcorn, candy corn crunch - Hammond's is a 100 year old candy-making company in Denver Colorado. I considered including some of their delicious chocolates, but since I live in the south, I couldn't risk it melting before you could enjoy it! Plus, you'll get enough sweets this month, and popcorn adds a fun, savory snack. Besides, it goes well with your new orange mug. Don't you feel festive? :)

* How to Study the Bible book from The Daily Grace Co. - I love everything they do. This guide gives you a roadmap on how she (the author, Kristin) studies her bible. Truth be told, I am doing this with you guys. Personally, I'm hungry to get into the word, to know the scriptures more and better apply the living word to my life. I hope you can make time to dive in, not only to better know who you are, but to better know who HE is in every season. 

* Bible highlighters - These buttery smooth gel highlighter pens are going to be absolutely awesome for diving deeper into your bibles! I love how each pen has an encouraging word on it as well. You guys, I did a massive amount of research on what highlighters were best for those super thin bible pages. These won't bleed through and they add a great amount of color without being over-saturated. No need to stop with bible highlighting --I'm currently using this like crazy on my planner! :) Gel highlighters are my new favorite. 

*BONUS - I couldn't send you a "How to Study the Bible" guide and fabulous highlighters and NOT design a card you can use to categorize your highlighter colors, could I? A few category ideas for you as you highlight and study: ~~God's promises. Marriage.  Sin. God's attributes. Prayer. Commands. Warnings. Faith. Prophesies. Parenting. Waiting~~ Categorize these in a way that works best or you, and perhaps laminate and keep inside your bible's front cover.   

As always, please post pictures of your faves and tag us at @heartgrownbox for a chance at a special treat from me!